JUNE 19 & 20 2021

We are now planning for the 2021 Season.  When we know more, we will let you know.  Fingers crossed that we will be able to join together and celebrate live music again.

Our Annual Music Festival is a competition-based festival where performers enter into specific categories based on level of ability and age.   Please refer to our Festival page for details and entry requirements.  

This is the Jarosh Ensemble performing Saltarello by Anthony Galla-Rini, conducted by Maureen Jarosh

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Time to perform outside 

Moving forwards, we want to share our music and perform live again.   Music is meant to be shared, and we practice in order to produce a performance!   

That being said, we will be searching for OUTDOOR venues that will allow us to perform live.  We will have to wait for the weather to cooperate, but it's something to look forwards to and work towards!  

  • Please note that these events are by invitation only by any of our AAC members.

winter concert,

on line experience

Click on this link below to find our youtube channel with all our winter concert performances 


Each song was recorded separately and can be viewed independently.  There are a lot of videos to watch!  Enjoy!

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