The Festival will begin at 9 am on Saturday June 24 with Solo and Duets.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your category and be prepared to play.   Due to the varying length of songs and the time needed for adjudication, categories may go over time or start early!   The afternoon features Pop/Jazz and Folk Ethnic solos as well as Chamber Groups. 

Awards will be handed out at approximately 4pm (after the competitions) and we encourage you to attend!  All categories are open for the public to view.  Please be aware that this is a formal competition so the audience needs to be quiet, and only leave or arrive into the hall in-between competitors.

The Gala Concert will begin at 7 pm and the Show Group and Ensembles will compete in their categories at this time.  The Virtuoso Category winner will also be performing their solo.

Sunday Morning we will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast at 10 am with an Accordion Swap and Open Stage.  11 am will be a workshop with our adjudicator, Liz Finch.

All Solo and Duet classes entered will be given adjudication marked for placement and a 1st place trophy,  2nd place medallion andan Outstanding Merit medallions will be given to top placements in each class.

Bursaries combine classes of similar musical requirements and are given at the discretion of the adjudicator to the competitor they deem most worthy. 

Junior Own choice Solo Classes #101 and 102 - $100.00

Intermediate Own Choice Solo Classes #103-110 - $125.00

Advanced Own choice Solo Classes #113 and #114 - $200.00

Popular/Jazz Solo #201 - $50.00, #202 - $75.00, and #203 - $150.00

Folk/Ethnic Solo #301 - $50.00, #302 - $75.00, and #303 - $150.00

Classes V-1 and V-2 Receive the total amount of the entry fees for that class.  There is only a 1st place for these categories.  There more entries, the greater the Bursary rewarded.

Trophies for Special Merit are : Adult Learner, Best Solo Performance, General Excellence Award (includes all categories entered).

Chamber Groups of 6 players and under receive individual trophies for 1st place and medallions for 2nd and 3rd placement.

Orchestral trophies are awarded for groups placing 1st in these classes, medallions are presented to all players in these groups.

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Bursary or Trophy we would appreciate all donations.   Please contact the President for more information.

Our Adjudicator, Liz Finch

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Awards and Bursaries

Music festival and competition
 June  24 & 25 2017


5003 16th Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 0N2

We are pleased to announce that our adjudicator for the 2017 festival is Elizabeth (Liz) Finch) from California, USA.  She was the  1st Vice President of the ATG (Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International), holds Baccalaureate and Master’s music degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Wyoming.  Liz Finch is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City,  Liz Finch studied accordion with Professor Joan Sommers, who led the first accordion department at a university in the United States. 

Liz Finch has worked for many years as a professional music copyist and orchestrator in Los Angeles, California as well, where she works with many of the best-known musicians and composers in the TV, film, and recording industries.  Some of the films she has served as an orchestrator are “Shrek”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” “The Dark Knight”, and “Interstellar”, to name a few.   We are fortunate to have Liz here for our annual festival and we hope she enjoys her weekend with us.

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