Edwin Erickson is a native Albertan, born in Edmonton and raised in the Drayton Valley district of West-Central Alberta. He began performing on the accordion at the age of 15, and later went on to teaching, composing, arranging, sales and repair, tuning and accordion restoration. As a performer, he is a specialist on the 5-row chromatic C-griff accordion.
As a repairman, Edwin has served Albertans for well over 40 years, and has since gone on to assist other Western Canadians, northwestern Americans and Scandinavians in their accordion repair and tuning needs. Most recently, he is a graduate of Tier 2 of the Accordion Craft Academy in Castelfidardo, Italy, and will be completing the third and final tier there in October, 2018. The Accordion Craft Academy is in the process of developing a world-wide network of accredited accordion repairers and tuners, and Edwin is the first graduate from Canada.
Edwin works out of his own shop at Buck Lake, Alberta and is, in fact, in the process of building a brand-new facility which is expected to open in spring, 2019. As qualified accordion service people become more and more scarce in recent years, it is Edwin’s intention to increase his capacity to serve accordionists over a broader area. To augment this wish to serve the accordion community, he hopes to recruit one or more younger apprentices and to commence offering accredited courses in accordion repair and tuning, both in the new facility at Buck Lake, as well as in selected districts of Western Canada.

Music festival and competition
 Saturday June 23

Coaldale community Hall

1217 20th Ave (see map below)

competitions and Gala Event.

This year our festival is being held in Coaldale, AB, as the accordion presence is strong in Southern Alberta and we want to respect all the years of travel these members have done to attend events held in Calgary.

The Festival will start at 9 am on Saturday June 23, with all solo and duet classes, as well as ensemble and chamber groups.  AWARDS for the daytime categories will be given out at 4 PM, NOT 6 pm as some posters say. We will finish with a GALA evening featuring the competitive categories of the Senior Ensembles and Show Groups.   Awards for those categories will shortly follow the performances.  Click on the SCHEDULE button above for more detailed information that you can print out.  

1217 20th Ave 

Coaldale, AB

All Solo and Duet classes entered will be given adjudication marked for placement and a 1st place trophy,  2nd place medallion andan Outstanding Merit medallions will be given to top placements in each class.

Bursaries combine classes of similar musical requirements and are given at the discretion of the adjudicator to the competitor they deem most worthy. 

Junior Own choice Solo Classes #101, 102, and 106  - $75.00

Intermediate Own Choice Solo  -Class #107 - $125.00

Advanced Own choice Solo Class #114 - $200.00

Popular/Jazz Solo #201, #202 - $75.00, Class #203 - $150.00

Folk/Ethnic Solo #301, #302 - $75.00, Class #303 - $150.00

Virtuoso Class - $200.00

For Best Accordion Performance -  $200.00

Trophies for Special Merit are : Adult Learner, Best Solo Performance, General Excellence Award (includes all categories entered).

Chamber Groups of 6 players and under receive individual trophies for 1st place and medallions for 2nd and 3rd placement.

Orchestral trophies are awarded for groups placing 1st in these classes, medallions are presented to all players in these groups.

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Bursary or Trophy we would appreciate all donations.   Please contact the President for more information.

Workshop 3 pm

Awards     4 pm

Gala          7 pm

Adjudicator; Mary Ross-Klektau.

Daytime competitions open to public

Accordion Association

of Calgary

Celebrating over 25 years

We are fortunate to have renowned accordionist, Mary Ross-Klektau as our adjudicator for 2018.  Mary is a seasoned performer and is known for playing traditional Scottish music and has performed alongside various dance groups in competitions and workshops all over the world, including Scotland, Greenland and the US.  For Mary, the accordion instantly became part of her life when she saw and heard a performance as a child. "It is an instrument that when you put it on it becomes a part of you,” said the Esquimalt resident.

“You can play melody, you can play harmony, it’s all encompassing. It’s the only portable instrument that can do all of those things. I just got hooked.”

Since then, her passion for the unique instrument has grown. Ross-Klektau, enrolled in accordion lessons and for decades, has learned to play all types of music from classical to ethnic.

“A lot of people have a very narrow minded view of it (accordions) as just what they remember on the Lawrence Welk Show, but there’s more to it. My favourite comment is when people come up and say ‘wow, I didn’t know an accordion could do that’,” she said, adding playing Scottish music allows her to keep in touch with her roots.

Ross-Klektau, who now teaches the accordion, is one of dozens of musicians taking part in the 10th annual Victoria International Accordion Festival, which began earlier this week.

Awards and Bursaries


OUR ADJUDICATOR, Mary Ross-Klektau


We are fortunate to offer Edwin Erickson a spot at the hall for anyone needing accordion repairs.  Here is more information about Edwin.

Bring your accordion for a 1 hour workshop hosted by our Adjudicator, Mary Ross-Klektau.  Using her unique knowledge, skill and talent in traditional Scottish music, Mary will lead us through a FREE workshop at 3 pm.  

All you need to do is DOWNLOAD and PRINT the music in the pdf file attached to the WORKSHOP button, then practice a little at home, and show up at 3!  It will be a fun experience.