Accordion Association

of Calgary

Celebrating over 25 years

There is a new event being hosted by FRIENDS of the AAC!  Check out the FRIENDS page for details!

The AAC will be hosting our annual Fall Recital on October 23 from 2:00 - 4 pm..  This is a recital for our accordion and piano students to showcase their growth and emerging talents.  This is open to the public!

Steinway Hall

(inside the Steinway Piano Gallery)


The Accordion Association of Calgary is a registered non-profit association established in 1989. We are a group of teachers, students, parents, and accordion enthusiasts who encourage the playing and development of the accordion.  We work together to create performance opportunities for our musicians and listening opportunities for the public.  Through recitals, concerts, and an annual music festival, the accordion is alive and well in Calgary! We are the only organization since 1990 that enables accordionists to present their music to the public. We represent all genres of music played by soloists, groups and orchestras alike. Ethnic or Folk, Jazz, Classical, Pop, or Modern musical styles are embraced by our members and teachers.  The AAC also maintains a set of guiding principals and standards for grade levels and exams for it's students.  We have also established a music "library" to help maintain the original scores and selections needed for our students to continue to learn

upcoming event


celebrating over 25 years in Calgary!